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The Shore burner model is designed for steep fast waves. The forward rocker and deep twin channels combined with hard to square rails give fantastic hold and drive in the shorebreak or slab. The handles on all our shoreburner models are woven from 4mm parra cord with a core of 4mm spectra to minimize stretch. Handles should be tight enough to just squeeze your three middle fingers under, unless you have tiny hands don't try to squeeze four digits through because that'll hurt after a while and it will change the center of balance, you'll start to nose dive more often. Let us know if you'll need a smaller handle for your plane or just wrap it with something (a bicycle inner tube?) to make it thicker.

The Tombstone model has been created for slower fatter waves that require a higher displacement, more stretched out elongated style of surfing. Tombstones can also be ridden in larger steeper waves by leaning in with the forearm or weighting the tail with your trailing hand.

We advise waxing your new handplane with the stickiest wax you can find (cold water wax) and if you think there is a chance you'll lose it, tie it to your hand with a shoe lace.

When the surfing day is over, just rinse with fresh water and leave to dry somewhere out of direct sunlight.

Credit to Lee Withers for the cover photo, cheers mate.

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